Music...the great communicator

Turn To-Do into Ta-Da!

In my 23 years, I’ve heard a lot of grand declarations of ambitious goals. It’s healthy to shoot for the moon. I have no problem with dreaming big and setting my sights on what could be. But when it comes to the little stuff- the thank you cards, the booking emails, the self promotion…I tend to get bogged down and let those responsibilities slide too much.

My mom always told me that big steps were lots of little steps seen at a distance. I agree completely with this concept. Music is no different from any other pursuit. In order to do well, you HAVE to apply yourself. For me that means sitting down at my guitar and getting at least a few songs on paper every week. They don’t even have to be “good”. Just the act of writing is a practice and I’ve found the more I do it, the better I get.

Though it may sound like every other productivity, self-help advice post out there…to do lists do wonders. Why? Because my mind is so busy thinking outside of the box…that sometimes I need to think practically.

So here is my to-do list today:
-Write thank you notes to gigs I’ve played recently
-Write a song
-Finalize and practice my set list
-Vocal exercises
-lots and lots of water

That’s the gist of it today. Wish me luck ;) And good luck to you!

Dream on!

Hello, there!

My name is Louise

And this is how I look today…


I am a singer, a songwriter, and a dreamer. 

The sign behinds me says “Enjoy the Process”. 

I put it there as a reminder to stay positive in my pursuits. 

And some days are easier than others. 

I started thinking…

There are probably others out there feeling the same way. 

They have these BIG dreams

And they might need to know that someone gets it…

The ups, the downs…everything. 

Well here it is…

I hope this can be your safe haven. Just like music. 


Cause I believe in dreamers. 

I believe in music

And I believe in you…